Eco-Creative Design Engineer

Engineering solutions to uplift the enjoyment of life. Leading projects that build purpose in our communities.


Hey, I’m Robert, Events Planner and Consultant

My life has been committed to discovering my passion and learning the best way to develop myself into the person I want to become. This has led me to a lot of humanitarian work and exposure to poorer communities, which includes my existing service to the poor in Las Vegas. The exposure I have had to the human need for sustainable housing is the source of my inspiration for my current endeavors in the study of engineering. I am an established resident of Nevada and a student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Skilled in design practices, Microsoft Office, AutoCad, engineering and construction concepts. I fill roles of leadership and teamwork in the community and in organizations including Engineers Without Borders, the Las Vegas Catholic Worker, Tau Beta Pi Honor Society, the Nevada Desert Experience and the American Society of Civil Engineers. There are many projects that I am proud to be a part of and I encourage others to reach out to me if they are interested in working on a project together.